Knock Down & Rebuild in Sydney

We Can Help with Knock-Down Rebuild for the Home of Your Dreams

Morrison Homes has all the experience required for the knock-down rebuild of your home. You may love the neighbourhood you currently live in, but the house you are living in is not ideal. A knock-down rebuild is an excellent solution to this contradiction.

Benefits of Working with Our House Rebuilders

Having been in this business for nearly two decades, as knock-down rebuild specialists, we can help you build the home of your dreams on your existing land, saving you the inconvenience and additional cost of buying somewhere else and having to move. We are hands-on and will look after every aspect of your rebuild – from design to demolition and then building your new luxury home.

  • You can build exactly what you want in the ideal location. Although you will have to temporarily relocate, once your luxurious new home is ready, you can move back in without having the added cost of things like transfer duty.
  • As opposed to a renovation, your rebuilt home is brand new, with elegant new fixtures and fittings. You won’t need to worry about older parts of your home needing repair work. Another benefit is that you will have guarantees on all the new items added to your new home.
  • The value of your property will increase. We can custom design a brand new home for you, built to your specifications, style and taste.

Our Other Services

We take great pride in our work and always aim to provide the best service to all our clients, right from the start. Even if you are not looking to do a knock-down rebuild in Sydney, we offer other services that may be of interest to you.

  • Let us custom build your new home. This project is likely to be the most important one of your life and we will treat it like this. We will work closely with you from start to finish to build your dream home, paying close attention to ensure the highest levels of quality, artistry and materials, as well as meeting your budgetary requirements.
  • Our previous build experience includes many residential projects of a variety of top-end modern homes designed to accommodate the tastes and aspirations of their prospective owners.
  • We offer designer renovations complete with exquisite high-end finishes. Our team is incredibly experienced and keeps track of all current design trends. They can adapt these as required to complement existing structures in your home and create a luxurious space for you to enjoy.

About Morrison Homes

We opened our doors 18 years ago and since then have been consistently working to build beautiful architecturally-designed homes all over Sydney. Your dream home will be completely different from someone else’s and this is something that we always take into consideration when designing and building your home.

If you need house rebuilders in Sydney, we should be your first choice. Please feel free to get in touch with us, and let us work with you to build your dream.